9 Ways to strengthen mobile signals


Weak mobile signal causes problems in enjoying clear call time on the phone. Therefore, we are explaining some ways to strengthen weak mobile signal. Through which the signal can be strengthened and enjoy the clear time.

week mobile signal solution

People who are not able to use mobile phones inside their home due to weak mobile signal. For them, following these methods can improve the signal and use the mobile phone inside your home.

People in rural areas or remote areas where mobile towers are located at considerable distance face a particularly weak mobile signal problem, but those who are well aware of how to use mobile go to their mobile settings option Following the 9 ways given below, you can get rid of the signal problem.

A weak mobile problem may not be the cause, like your handset also affecting the signal, or due to the very high buildings or mountains located near you, there is a barrier in reaching the signal.

To solve these problems and to strengthen your mobile reception, in this article, there are some ways which you can understand and strengthen the signal and get rid of the problem.

1. Choose strong network operator

People first need to know which network operator's tower is located in their area, then which network operator is providing strong network in their entire area, especially in rural areas, where there are many operators like this, Those whose towers are not located there, the network is very less, so people should check the mobile coverage in their area, only then buy the SIM, if You have no such present-old Sim, whose signal is weak, you should consider switching.

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2. Move mobile phones to the height.

Usually the mobile network is stronger at some elevation place because blockages are very low because large buildings in the middle prevent the network from moving forward so if you are located in a lower place or your home is in some place, Which is surrounded by tall buildings and tall trees, then you need to get out of your house and go to a place of height because there somehow Received no barrier.

Move mobile phones to the height

3. Keep window open

As we know, no wireless signal is able to pass through thick walls. In such a situation, keeping the window door open in the house will allow the signal to enter the house uninterruptedly, which will help you to make a clear call as well as if you want to watch chatting or online videos using social media sites on mobile. If you are, then you should keep the window open or else consider switching the network operator at your convenience.

Keep window open

4. Get out of the house

It is almost impossible to make a call due to lack of complete access to the signal in the basement, underground parking or deep space of a house. Because without a full mobile signal call cannot be connected, if you need a reception clear in such places, then you can consider installing a mobile signal booster to get a strong signal because mobile signal booster is such a process. In which all Signal Airtel Ideas Vodafone present.

Get out of the house

5. Keep battery charged

To operate the mobile phone smoothly, the battery should be full charge because the data on mobile running on the phone requires a lot of battery and the network should be strong.

Keep mobile phone battery charged

6. Keep mobile away from electronic devices.

Electronic devices such as laptops ipad microwaves lcd tv computers wi fi modems etc. interfere with interference to weaken the mobile signal. So if you are using all these electronic devices inside your home, then the signal inside your home may be weak. For this you have to keep your mobile away from all these devices.

7. Choose the right place to keep your phone.

Some people keep the mobile at all inside their bedroom in a closed cupboard, due to which the mobile is not able to get a full signal, so people should choose an appropriate place to keep their mobile, where the signal is strong And with the signal being strong there should not be any problem in calling and while keeping mobile in hand, it is important to note that the mobile phone antenna is not covered.

8. Can call wifi

If you are at home and a broadband WiFi router has been installed in your home, then you can call and send messages from the mobile phone using WiFi calling in the Settings option of mobile.

Can call wifi

9. Use mobile signal booster.

If you live in a rural area or remote areas and the signal is very weak then you need not worry because nowadays there are many types of mobile signal boosters available in the market which help to strengthen the signal so you can You can get solution of weak signal by choosing any mobile signal booster and installing it in your home as required.

Use mobile signal booster